Projects and Interests...

I always keep busy or I get bored out of my mind!

I love being in my office in the basement where I'm surrounded by gadgets, 4 monitors and everything I need to keep me occupied and entertained.
My wife and kids call it...The Lab! - LOL,
go figure...I feel like Dexter!...Get it?

What am I doing these days?...

  • Developing a few ANDROID Apps
  • Editing videos
  • Building a kickass HTPC
    [Home Theather PC]
  • I'm currently ripping all my CDs into MP3s!
  • helping my son with his YouTube Account
  • Finalizing this website
  • Starting a BLOG!

My little Blog

Winter is gone...yeah!
This is the season of the year I dislike the most! - Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas as my favorite holiday...but the cold and me don't get along! I think I'm getting old and my bones can't take it anymore...I honestly think I am going to end up living someplace warm!
Recently received my year-end review at work!
Yeah! I scored "Exceeded Expectations!" - Yeah...that is pretty exciting. Now where is the money!? LOL!

Favorite SOFTWARE!

I love using all kinds of really cool software!
In this section, I will highlight some practical and useful software everyone should own...

Poikosoft's Easy CD-DA Extractor
I own this magnificent software and I LOVE IT!
The Swiss Army Knife Of Digital Audio:
CD Ripper, Audio Converter, and CD/DVD's relatively affordable for all the benefits you get from it.
I paid $34 dollars. I use it to rip my CDs into MP3s, I use it to convert MP4 audio files into MP3s, I use it to make audio CDs to play in my car...and so on and so on..and so on.
I've been using it for years! - The developer is excellent...very responsive and constantly making improvements. Oh yeah, and free lifetime upgrades to new versions...
My it!

- Poikosoft's Easy CD-DA Extractor

My Featured Photos

Dinner with friends...
Our friends Paris and Nina were visiting from Canada and stopped by for dinner...and more!

Cancún, México -2011.
This, I believe is our family's favorite place to vacation...Cancún!

Myrtle Beach, SC - Easter 2011
Our Easter little get Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!